4 Hip Hop

Token Per claim : 600 HIP - Ref : 600 HIP
Est Value : ~$60+ref

4 Hip Hop aims to create long-term economic development that directly benefits the people who identify with the HipHop lifestyle.

4 Hip Hop is airdropping 600 HIPHOP tokens to their community members. Chat with their Telegram bot and complete some easy social tasks to receive the tokens. Also get 600 HIPHOP for every referral.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Chat with this Telegram bot.
  2. Join their Telegram group.
  3. Follow them on Twitter.
  4. Signup for the 4 Hip Hop mailing list.
  5. Submit your details to the bot.
  6. You will receive 600 HIPHOP tokens.
  7. Also get 600 HIPHOP for every referral.

Don't forget to join our Telegram channel and follow us on Twitter to receive new airdrops!