Celes chain

Signup Bonus : 20CCHN - Ref bonus : 10CCHN
Est Value : n/a

CCHN Airdrop is coming

Login in to win 10 CCHN bonus . Invite your friends will win another 5 CCHN! (The first 1000 recipients will win 20 CCHN! Invite friends will win another 10 CCHN !) The sooner you receive, the greater the reward!

Hailed by the media as the “Gold Team” , Distributed Capital Shen Bo, Northern Lights Venture Capital, Star Joint Venture Guo Yuhang joint-invest project CelesChain ! Now begans the first round airdrops!

Celes Chain is the world’s first public chain of DPOW financial institutions. It adopts a consensus mechanism 3.0 and embraces supervision from the ground-design to provide services for financial institutions to develop financial applications on the C chain.

Step by step guide :

  1. Go to Airdorp Page
  2. Submit your email & ETH adress
  3. verify your mail
  4. Join their Telegram group
  5. Copy your unique code
  6. Go to Telegram bot and paste your code with comand /bindcode
  7. set your adress with command /setwallet
  8. you will receive 20CCHN
  9. earn 10CCHN every referral


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