1 & 2 Airdrop Read details for intructions, Signup Bonus 3000BNDL - Referral bonus 300BNDL
Est Value : ACTIVE

CoinBundle allows anyone to easily invest in a “bundle” of cryptocurrencies by simply staking the BNDL token. They will also allow users to spend directly from their CoinBundle accounts via debit card.

CoinBundle is giving away 1300 BNDL tokens to anyone who signs up for their airdrops. Participants can earn an extra 300 BNDL for each friend referred.

Step-by-Step Guide:
First Airdrop:
1. Visit the CoinBundle website.
2. Click on ?Get Early Access and Free Tokens.?
3. Enter your email address and submit.
4. Refer friends to earn an extra 300 BNDL for every invitation.

Second Airdrop:
Follow the steps in this link to receive additional 1000 BNDL for free.

Airdrop Task is available on coin bundele website. Register and Claim your Free airdrop


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