Fondo Network

Signup Bonus :30FDC
Est Value : $12

Fondo Network is the world’s first SE-ICO. It is a crypto UK-based blockchain ecosystem, consisting of a centralized trading platform, labs and launchpad for good ICO. Especially high security, low costs, high liquidity. Our trading exchange share 70% transaction fee for referrals and use 40% of all profits to burn coin

[Airdrop 2.0] You are managing a crypto currency community.

=> New method to create 3 stable income sources, free to join.
How to participate:

  1. Register for Fondo account and share information.
  2. Join the telegram and follow twitter
  3. Share the content available on airdorp page and submit your link
  4. You will 30 FDC equivalent to $ 12.

Dual Affiliate Marketing Bonus.
How to participate:

  1. Introducing investors to buy Presale Fondo.
  2. Introduce crypto traders to trade at Fondo Exchange platform
    – Get 12% commissions from BTC / ETH investors buy Presale Fondo.
    – Get 70% commissions on transaction fees
    Please refer to program details at: Fondo Network Website

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