Signup bonus : 16GR - Ref bonus : 8GR
Est Value :

GameRoot (GR) is a game blockchain project ,which is subscribed by Star Capital, Crypto Venture, Cryptographic Venture Capital, Renren Mine and other famous capitals and project parties. And it is the world’s first blockchain-based rare game prop/asset. Breaking the closure of the internal transactions of a single game/platform, and revitalizing the player’s ?sinking game assets?.

Step by steps guide :

  1. Go to Register Page
  2. Submit your mail & ETH adress
  3. Verify your mail
  4. Join their telegram group
  5. Copy your invite code
  6. Chat with telegram bot
  7. and submit the tasks required
  8. ?you will receive 16GR
  9. Also earn 8GR every friend joined

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