Signup Bonus : 25PRE - Referral Bonus : 25PRE
Est Value : ~$3+ref

Presearch gives you one-stop, fast and easy access to your most commonly used search providers, including Google, Amazon, DuckDuckGo and others. When you search, you will be rewarded with Presearch’s PRE crypto tokens. These tokens can be used to buy services, or traded for other cryptocurrencies.

The steps To Get Free PRE

  1. Go to register page
  2. Submit Your detail & Confirm email
  3. Login to your account & You will get 25 PRE tokens.
  4. Earn an extra 0.25 PRE for every search done.
  5. Also get 25 PRE for every referral who signup using your link and earns 100 PRE on the platform.
  6. Install the extension or set as default homepage for make your work easily
  • 4x Searching = 1 PRE
  • 1 PRE = $0.095628
  • 10 PRE = $0.95628
  • 100 PRE = $9.5628
  • 1000 PRE = $95.628
  • Check the rel time price on Coinmarketcap


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