FAQ – Airdrop Basic

What is airdrop ?
Airdrop in the world of crypto can be interpreted as a free coin distribution to the their project community. It is used as a media campaign to the public so that it can be known by the crowd.

Basically cryptocurrency holds only value because people believe in them and recognize their value. The more people who have cryptocurrency, the more likely it is to become widely adopted and increase in value. Airdrops is effective because of the “endowment effect,” a phenomenon in which people will perceive value on something just because they have it.

If seen briefly airdrop performance is as follows:
Task: Assist / perform tasks that are available under the airdrop rules held by the project owner.
advantages: get free coins

Project owner
Task: Provide Tokens for free to the community
advantages: Community promotion and support, initial token / coin Holder,

By executing prize waterdrops, startups can create mass awareness about their projects, token sales or pre-ICOs at a minimal cost to them. Social media campaigns allow the project to become visible to people who will never recognize its existence. Airdrops can also create a vast network of motivated users to drive project success by doing things together like winning community voting for exchange lists.

By rewarding token owners with freedrops, the project can also encourage users to hold (HODL) their coins for the long term. This can effectively lower the selling pressure of the coin. Airdrop Holder has become a popular tactic among some of the most successful crypto projects, such as NXT, WAVES, Bitcore, and more.

so, each gets the benefit of the airdrop program.


What is needed ?
To follow the airdrop you are required to have Email, active social media account and a wallet to receive free tokens / coins later
Social media commonly used in airdrop programs are: Bitcointalk, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Medium, Reddit, Discord, LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube, etc.
while for wallet wallet is usually required that you have “Private Key” and not the wallet of platform exchange like Binance, Mercatox, Huobi etc.
here are some wallets that are often used to receive airdrop, if you do not have one please refer to the link below to get a wallet for free.

Note: After you have the wallet, save and secure your Private key / login detail your wallet !!!

If Email, social media account and wallet you already have then you can follow the program airdrop. in this case you just follow the instructions or commands provided by the provider airdrop.
such as joining Telegram group / channel them, giving like, comment and retweet their twiter postings. post, repost, like, comment on their facebook page. etc.
in addition it is usually also available referral program (invite friends / others
to join) to increase the number of coins you will receive.


I have joined and completed the task, when do I receive a Token / Coin?
Generally Tokens / Coins are distributed after their project ICO phase is over, you can wait while looking at their project development through their social accounts, even airdrop participants usually get email notifications. you can also contact their admin / CS for distribution information of Token / Coin airdrop or discuss with other participants in the official groups available.


I have received a Token / coin, Then how to turn it into money?
When you receive a Token / Coin in your wallet. You have the full right to sell or store coins. You can sell directly in the available market. If the coin is not yet available in the market, then you just wait until it is available in the market. or sell individually to others looking for Token / Coin, in which case the price may be very different from what you sell in the official market and usually the selling price will be lower than selling in the official market and also at high risk.


Why Didn’t i receive my airdrop?
Although the airdrop program is very easy, you should still be careful and follow the procedures given by the project owner.
Example rules:
Stay active in the Telegram group by posting constructive posts at least 1 post / week until the ICO expires
Continue to follow Telehram channel until ico is finished
Unfollow / UnLike Unlimited until ICO is complete
Social media posts should be publicly viewable
Do not create multiple accounts

if violating any of the above rules may be one of the reasons you did not receive Token / Coins, if you do not violate, please contact the relevant admin to get more information.